ASTA School - Chinese Version
"the roots of education are bitter,
but the fruit is sweet"

What our clients say to about us

I am Sun from China who speaks little English. When I came to Singapore, I understood that Singapore uses English as an official language for communication.
~ Ms. Sun


I feel so lucky to have you as my teacher for the past two years. You have helped me so much!
Thank you for patient and always in a good mood.
~ Yong Ling

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高级汉语课程为具有丰富汉语知识的人士而设计。本课程能够增加学生的词汇量,加快学生的阅读速度,增强学生阅读理解能力,锻炼学生的会话技巧和提高写作能力。学完本课程,学生能够1 在词典的帮助下阅读汉语小故事。2 学生能够增加一些中国文化,历史和当代社会的一些知识。3 帮助学生取得HSK汉语考试证书。